Eden Editori will be able to turn a small seed into a big tree.

Have you ever thought of giving your life a turn? Have you ever felt full of ideas and projects, which being stuck in your mind, made you feel like exploding? Have you ever thought about the real effectiveness of your project?

If reading these questions you feel something familiar, then this is the right place for you.

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At Eden we cannot promise you to turn you in a super hero, but we assure you confidence, sincerity, reliability and collaboration.

We cannot know in advance if your work will be a success, however we are sure that success exists when SOMETHING new is created and is about to be discovered. If you want to share your SOMETHING new with us, for us will be a success from the start.
Moreover, at Eden Editori is always available a life coach with whom you can discuss and share your thoughts, doubts, fears as well as hilarities. A person who can support you during your path, helping you to overcome difficult moments, meeting at the same time your ambitious aims.

Are you a beginner? Your book will be read and evaluated in short and agreed time.