E den Editori was conceived through the sharing of ideas and passions which have tied us for a life time and which were all combined by books.

Dark, exciting and surprising travels which became alive due to pages and pages of words which enable to land on new and unknown worlds, where not everyone can get and above all from where a few are able to come back.

Nowadays there are an increasing number of publishing houses , important and well known names which have occupied our bookcases for a very long time. But can we really say to truly know them? What is the reason behind their names? Who are the people behind their work? Are they true people or just huge machines producing books?

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These are the questions which have led us, Eden Editori, to totally and completely disclose ourselves without any secrets.

Why did we choose the name Eden? Imagine to be at home, sitting at your desk, writing a book that does not have a title yet. Your mind starts to think, think and think again until it get you to unknown places, making you go through all the words you used, the image and the meaning that that book has for you…and is this exact moment that the idea comes through and the right title is suddenly clear. Eden Editori was created exactly like this, we had the idea, the means and we deeply wanted to realised it but how could be sum up all this in just one word? Out of the sudden an idea: Eden, a holy but at the same time and profane place. Profane comes from the Latin profanes which is the joint of the two words “pro” which means in front and “fanum”, temple, holy place; it is something which cannot enter in this holy place, someone who is not allowed, to whom this place is forbidden. Forbidden as Adam and Eve’s forbidden fruit. But what does this fruit stand for? What is the real meaning of the apple? Apple is everything that fascinates, attracts and seduces us , which makes us scared but eventually it conquers us…in other words book, music, ART.

What makes us different? First of all we are people before being a publishing house. We know that inside every word or sentence there is something deeper and it is our first aim to understand this, making other people understand it as well. We will follow and support you in every moment, we will be there for every doubt or uncertainty. However, it will be your role to tell us if we worked well and we managed to turn what we promised you into reality. Every suggestion or advise is for us an opportunity to grow further.